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Samba, Capoeira & Afro-Brazilian Dance Shows

We do dance shows and performances to suit any event, corporate parties, private functions or charity.

For more info and prices for shows please contact Priscila Wille via or call +44 (0)7401 413 933

Classes Timetable 2012:

Regular Afro-Brazilian & Contemporary Afro-Brazilian Fusion:


Afro-Brazilian Fusion

20:00 – 21:30

The Place


Contemporary Afro-Brazilian

19:30 – 21:00

Siobhan Davies Studios


Drop-in session: £8 each


4 classes: £28 (£7/each)

8 classes: £52 (£6.50/each)

*Advance payments in full please / Use within 2 months


The Place
17 Duke's Road
Euston Tube Station

Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St George's Road
Elephant & Castle Tube Station

ABIEIÉ dance & teaching® technique

(regeneration from the Yorùbá language)

For more than 15 years Irineu has developed his own dance language worldwide

He experiments in a contemporary form, Brazilian and urban dance styles with expressions of African rhythms.

ABIEIÉ Afro-Brazilian Fusion

A fun, motivating, aerobic dance class that through the fusion of Brazilian and African rhythms and a large variety of movements created and adapted by Irineu Nogueira, develops strength, coordination, muscle tone, stamina, flexibility and an understanding and sense of rhythm.

ABIEIÉ Contemporary Afro-Brazilian Fusion

A class rich in diversified movements and sounds, which develop body awareness, posture and expression.

Students experience Afro-Brazilian dance, and at the same time through contemporary dance become able to create their own repertoire of movements.

Sambas (workshops only!)

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Samba is both a type of music and dance originating from the rhythms and traditions brought to Brazil by African slaves. It encompasses a range of styles, from the fast samba (batucada) played and danced in the Carnival of São Paulo and Rio, to the funkier samba reggae favoured in Salvador and North Eastern Brazil.

Styles: Carnival Samba, Samba Reggae, Samba de Roda, Samba Duro and Samba do Recôncavo.

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