Irineu Nogueira is a Brazilian artist and movement specialist based in London and Munich. He has been exploring paths to express his art of movement through experiences in dance, theatre, cinema, fashion and performance. Back in Brazil Irineu developed a respectful reputation in Samba and Afro-Brazilian dances which resulted in his own dance method named Abieié and in several masterclasses worldwide, which audience has included many celebrities and heads of state.

Irineu is Vai-Vai Samba School former choreographer and as an actor, he was directed by José Possi Neto, Iacov Hillel, Cao Hamburguer and Fernando Meirelles. He worked as movement coach for Brazilian singers such as Fabiana Cozza, Mariana Aydar, Iara Rennó; danced with Luciana Mello and Luiza Possi; produced and choreographed for Fat Family and Dominó groups; and is a former member of the lambada group Banana Split.

Apart from the classes, workshops and events, Irineu is involved in the creation of performances and in developing body and movement training and preparation for actors and singers using his dance, theatre and pilates skills. Irineu studied Pilates in the Trinity LABAN Conservatoire of Music and Dance, especially addressed to dancers, which added more to Irineu’s already vast knowledge and strong background.

Irineu has a Master Degree in Performance Design and Practice from Central Saint Martins/UAL; is a dance teacher at The Place London; and movement tutor for actors at the renowned Guildhall School of Drama & Music. He is the founder of Bloco Serafina Carnival group, Bambas Festival - An annual Brazilian Movement & Music Festival in London, VOA Dance Retreat - An annual dance trip to Brazil and is excited to launch International Samba Congress Europe 2019.




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